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A sexually charged, explicit and tense thriller, delivered with a tinge of wry humour. Written by a woman who enjoys a good thriller..  Its a love story, a horror but never what you might expect.



Also to be published soon
 - Naverworld - A fantasy adventure for 9-12 year olds
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Dee Kearney 

Speaking on 'OPEN HAND'

As a designer and production manager, and having spent many years breaking down other peoples scripts, I became increasingly fascinated with the process it requires to take a film project from the idea stage to completion. 
The story for Open Hand came about through a theory I had discussed with friends over a period of years. Using an ancient superstition as a vehicle to explain events and progress the story in a modern way, I had started to write the book on the idea. I also wanted to discover and learn the process to create the actual film script and commenced Open Hand which has since became my first piece written for film. Whilst there is an element of sci fi within the book, it is not the focus of the story. I intended to develop a piece that, in an entertaining way, that is one of the struggle between morality and self preservation, and the abhorrence we feel when we discover our own failings and inhumanity. 


'In twenty five years I have always pursued a creative life, which has taken me to Theatre TV, Film and Art. So what could be more natural in the ever changing flow of my life than to commence writing. I feel like I have found the final piece of my jigsaw'


So… Consider.. What if the guilty were innocent and the innocent in danger? Is it all in the lines of our hand?

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Seriously! I'm a massive crime thriller person and it freaked me out!

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