• Dee Kearney

My Favourite colour was always Crimson

As a very small child I remember my first day at infant school was traumatic. I cried so much, my mother took me home. When she tried again the next day, the teacher was ready for me and whilst mum watched, she tipped out small wooden bricks and I was fascinated by the crimson ones and to this day I remember that small moment.

Crimson was always a memorable colour to me. So here I am many years later and it appears that Crimson building bricks are once more supporting my creative growth. I'm a great believer in coincedences and its no suprise to me that the Publishers who has accepted my first and second book is no other than Crimson Cloak. Their logo is a cloaked woman walking through a forest and those who know my art will know that my first significant painting is that of Rhiannons Walk ( a woman walking through a forest and the fate card design of a tarot pack) Guess I'll go with my gut on this one.

Many thanks to CRIMSON CLOAK PUBLISHING - Missouri USA for their faith in my work

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